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Best Houston Real Estate Websites

Houston is a big and interesting city. When it comes to real estate, we have no shortage of websites dedicated to every aspect of homes and commercial properties. Here are some of my favorite websites for keeping up with Houston real estate:

The Big One:


This is an obvious website to but requires mention. Here at Jet Realty we spend hours and hours browsing listings with more gusto than we do Facebook. HAR has some amazing capabilities for running searches around tons of parameters (looking for a 1.5 story house within a particular school district with a pool, 3 parking spaces, listed this week and with exactly 2/3 acres of land? search and done!) We’re particularly fond of the map search feature. If you’re an agent, their MLS subscriber tools are beyond awesome and constantly being upgraded. HAR gets an A+.


Jet Team at Realty Associates HAR Front Page Houston Home Search.png


The Quirky One: Swamplot


Swamplot tends to focus on commercial real estate in Houston, but their “Home Listing Photo of the Day” never fails to impress… in a bad way. If you haven’t checked them out before, please go there now. I’ll wait.


Jet Team at Realty Associates Swamplot Home of the Day Ugly Houston House Wallpaper.png


The Fancy One: Sotheby’s International Realty


Ahh, just look at those beauties! If you’re looking for eye candy (or if you’re an agent looking for inspiration on how to write awesome listings) check out this page. They list some of the most expensive and beautiful properties in Houston. Their photos and home descriptions are spot-on. They really keep it classy.


Jet Team at Realty Associates Sothebys International Realty Houston.png


The Best One: Houston Chronicle


Ha. Just kidding. I WANT to like the Chron, I really do. Maybe someday.


Jet Team at Realty Associates Houston Chronicle Homes.png


The Cool One: Paper City


Paper City has a page for real estate where they write articles about cool homes in Houston and sometimes do write ups about commercial spaces like restaurants. Their Mansions section usually features awesome properties. A realtor girl can dream…


Jet Team at Realty Associates Paper City Houston Real Estate Mansions

The Networked One: Women’s Council of Realtors Houston


These gals know real estate and they’re super successful. The Houston chapter is part of a larger national group, and arguably one of the best ones. Their facebook page is kept up to date on their events, which we highly recommend here at the Jet Team. Membership is not limited to just women (men are also encouraged to join) and non-members can attend some events. They routinely have mixers, lunch & learns and excellent speakers and they do a great job documenting everything on facebook for easy re-sharing.


Jet Team at Realty Associates Womens Council of Realtors Houston Bingo Night

So tell us, what is YOUR favorite website for real estate in Houston??


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